White Lies Make Social Networks Stronger, But Selfish lies Tear Them Apart

“Lying is a bad issue – that is what mentors, dad and mom, and teachers inform us. But there is no society without lies.” So says theoretical physicist Rafael Barrio. When he and his colleague Kimmo Kaski from the Aalto University School of Science in Finland concept about this blatant discrepancy, the two computational scientists […]

Why Our Dislikes Should Be Celebrated As Much As Our Likes

Millions may track into the Oscars each yr, but I’m continually interested in the Razzies, which understand astonishing cinematic underachievement. I’m not the most straightforward person who thinks dislikes may be every bit as interesting as likes, either: While the internet and social media are full of rewards for fandoms and stans, there’s a deep […]